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Export America, (EXAM) was founded in 1982 under the leadership of Keith Dunford. It provided assistance to companies looking to develop export markets and expand their businesses. During this period, other consulting services were needed to enable these companies to meet the added demands that growth would place on them. The Exam Group was formed out of these requirements to provide expert assistance in clearly defined areas. Exam Group now compromises three independent operating companies dedicated to help our clients succeed in the challenging climate of 21st Century business:

* EXAM Associates: - Established by Keith Dunford in 1984, is largely directed towards business development consulting. It has been instrumental in the success of some fifty companies in the US and Overseas, including Fortune 500, large private enterprises, and early stage ventures, assisting them in business expansion or turn-around situations. Exam Associates is a qualified resource for management consulting services including business development, investment funding, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, international business, and organizational development.

* EXAM Communications: - Formed in 1994 by Jillian Starman to meet the needs of continuing education and training for small business and educational enterprises. EXAM Communications provides guidance for internal analysis, strategic planning, promotion, and training in customer relationship management (CRM), corporate communications, personnel development and distance education.

* EXAM Technologies: - Also formed in 1994, under the leadership of Michael Dunford, is directed at technology insertion, enterprise systems, Internet based applications, and software design. Exam Technologies has assisted Fortune 500 and private companies to achieve their goals in the implementation of complex computer based applications. They can deliver product and system solutions in Digital Media and E-business, including hardware, and software applications design, technology insertion, combining cutting edge ideas with innovative business practices.

Over the past 20 years, THE EXAM GROUP has developed a network of professionals in major sectors of the global economy including: Finance, Media, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Education, Hospitatility, Health Care and Consumer Industries. Through these associations, we have successfully matched attractive high capability ventures with appropriate qualified investors, new markets, strategic partners, and management resources.

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